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Stack Commerce Theme Website


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The Stack Commerce Website Theme provides a set of features to get your website up and running quickly.


The theme provides a standard layout allowing you to focus on rapid establishment of colours, images and content (text).


Over time we are continuing to add more options for you to configure colours, images and content as desired, as well as options for setting alternate layouts.


Beyond our standard features you can choose from our PREMIUM ADD ONS to further enhance your site.


The Stack Commerce Website Theme includes;

  • Your logo displayed top left
  • Custom header, text and button colours
  • Site Title for browsers
  • Sponsor logo in header – top right
  • Welcome banner section w CTAs
  • News – with filter
  • Match Centre
  • Unlimited pages
  • Form creation
  • Contact Us page template
  • Menu configuration
  • Customisable footer and social links
  • Events – using GameDay Events and eCal integration
  • Partners display


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Custom Header

Club/website logo on left side – Ability to add a main website logo in a 250 x 100 px ratio

Custom background colour selection Optional Sponsor logo on right side


Menu Configuration

Sticky – The main menu will remain visible to the user as the user scrolls down the website.

Two tiers of menu available (soon to be more)

Header – Main Menu

Website Search

Default WordPress search function – Small magnifying glass that allows users to click

Header – To the right of the main menu

Welcome Banner & Calls to Action

Display text, image or video in the Welcome Banner, with optional text and button overlays, and a custom colour background.

Includes configurable Calls to Action tiles that can display images, text and buttons

Home page section

News Section

Display recent news articles summaries with links to view detail.

Home page section – repeatable on others pages


GameDay Match Centre Integration

Display fixtures, results, ladders and statistics from your GameDay Competions and Leagues

Home page section – repeatable on others pages

GameDay Events Integration

Display upcoming events via the eCal calendar integration

Home page section

Sponsor’s carousel

Ability to add unlimited amount of sponsor logos that will automatically rotate in a carousel. 1 tier only.

Home page section – repeatable on other pages

Contact Us Page

Page template for displaying contact details

Page Type

Footer Configuration

Set your own links, contact details, and social links



Ability to configure forms that can be embedded into pages of your website using the Gravity Forms plugin.

Form entries will be stored within the website back end



Mobile responsive
Unlimited pages
Custom domain name
Site titles for browsers
Secure hosting and maintenance included

Whole site



Monthly, Quarterly, Yearly

Stack Commerce Theme Website 起价: $72.60 / 1 个月