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The below features form the base template of every Stack Commerce website.

Welcome banner is the first item your visitors see. Here you can use text, video or imagery here to engage and inform your visitors however you need to

Custom header logos & colours allow you to totally customise the site to your specific branding and fall in line with all of your digital assets

The News & Homepage designs have been templated to make the layout of our websites simple, effective and as user friendly as possible

The GameDay Events integration allows you to seamlessly set up events, collect registrations and tickets through dedicated event landing pages

The GameDay Match Centre integration is invaluable for leagues and clubs who wish to display fixtures, results, tables and statistics from their competitions

Our template designs by default include footer and social links, contact us forms, sponsors section. Everything is mobile responsive and secure hosting is provided


The below add-ons are available for the homepage of your website, designed to engage and inform your visitors with key display or calls to action.

Sponsors section lets you showcase your key sponsors on a sliding panel across your site

Promotional ribbon can be used to advertise specific content or partners for your organisation

Club & Logo ribbon helps to display organisations linked to yours

Custom Content sections allow you to format and create unique content within page templates

Social Feed Widget allows visitors to view a succinct snapshot of your social activity

Call to Action tiles are used to prompt engagement and conversions for your services

Additional Partners section lets you showcase other key partners on a sliding panel

The Countdown Widget can be used to prominantly showcase the date of an event or deadline

The Custom Counter can showcase a growing number of registrations or other services


The below are page templates which can be added to your website that remove the need for you to have to build or configure complicated designs. All of the below are pre-built, and simply a case of you selecting the page template you want and adding the content.

The Club Finder page template is a dynamic map that allows visitors to search for their nearest Club/League/Venue

Set up an FAQ page template to allow your visitors to browse and self-help through cleanly formatted answers

A Photo Gallery page allows you to smartly store and showcase photos from events, games or other purposes

The Video Gallery will allow you to simply store and showcase videos from events, games or other purposes

The Video Livestream page allows you to embed a live feed of any game or event within your website

Set up a Staff/Board/Exec page template for easy to view profiles of key members of your team

A simple Document page template allows you to store key documents and files for your visitors or members

The Player & Team List page allows visitors to easily find and view the players and teams in your organisation


The below are a series of specific integrations and add-ons that can help escalate the commercial capability of your website.

The DIY Shop is an easy to use ecommerce plugin that enables you to create, configure and sell from your website – making it a valuable commercial tool

The GEOSNAPSHOT integration allows you to embed a dedicated widget on your website for photos taken at your events. To find out more visit our support pages.


Stack Commerce websites are templated sites with standardized layout options and a set of features where you provide and control the content – including images, text and the colors. However, typically you cannot change the layout unless the settings specifically allow you to do so.

These websites operate using the WordPress CMS, however we have simplified the administration console and present it to you with Stack Commerce branding.

Customizations to the design, layout, features, functionality, plugins and code base of the website are not available, but there are many elements and attributes of the PRO packages that can be configured to personalize your website. Furthermore, our PREMIUM packages offer a range of feature Add-ons to the PRO tier standard features. Over time, further releases of the theme may provide more ability to change layout and content using enhanced, more flexibile options within the settings.

Finally, built within your website administration dashboard is access to online user guides and video demonstrations that outline how to create pages, content and configure your site.


Whether you have a specific need, or want to learn more about our products then drop us a message below and we’ll get straight back to you.

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